Monday, February 2, 2009

...And we're back...sort of...

Seeing as it is now February, I suppose I need to get back in the groove of blog posting. I read other blogs religiously, thinking to myself "I really should commit more to our blog", if for no other reason that to have some of the things we do documented somewhere. I still go back and read all of the posts in the Land of Ez from our NICU days - so good to be able to remember things that are now a blur in our minds.

So, we'll see if we can't be a bit more diligent about keeping up with things. New baby is due to arrive on April 17. It seemed like so far away until the New Year hit. Now it feels like we'll never have time to get done everything that needs to get done before he shows up. Funny though, because in all honesty, I have no idea what really HAS to be done. Food for baby? Check - nature's taking care of that one. Bed for baby? Check - Baby will be bunking with us and we still have the snuggle-nest-thing we used with Ez in our bed in case he's on the tiny side. Clothes for baby? Check - Ezri had a surprising amount of gender-neutral clothing to pass on and in all honesty, if we're at home, he may just wear some pink sleepers from time to time. I did order - and receive - our new stashes of cloth diapers for both kiddos. Ez has been on a cloth diaper vacation since August when having to spray her poo made me want to gag. After crunching the numbers on how much 2 kids in disposables would be, it was a pretty easy decision to go back to cloth. Plus, I got a crazy amount of wool from Pat Catan's closing sale so I'm working on making some covers. So really, if he decides to show up tomorrow, I think we could manage just fine.

In other baby news, we've decided - even written it in Sharpie on a book - to name him Oz. Not short for anything, just Oz. We also made the decision to drop our OB and start seeing a midwife in Michigan. Oz will be arriving directly in the comfort of our own home. We're ot sure yet if it will be in a giant pool in the dining room, our old claw-foot bathtub, right in our bed or somewhere in between, but it will be at home nonetheless. We got more than our fill of hospitals last time around, and since this pregnancy has been completely textbook, there is really no need to trouble the medical community with his birth.

For her part, Ezri is keeping us more than busy with her antics, making the stress of new-baby-planning a slightly lower priority. Back in October she figured out the whole 'walking-thing' and has been non-stop ever since. The kid is seriously high energy. After she discovered she has ridiculous upper-body strength and can hoist herself onto chairs, coffee tables and anything else that will hold still, we decided to convert our dining room into an indoor jungle gym. We still have a table to eat at, but the chairs are hidden away until we actually need them, lest we have to expalin to the emergency room staff how our 18-month old managed to break an arm or leg in a fall from our table. Still not much on the talking front, but we're convinced that her brain is way too occupied trying to figure out how to destroy and dismantle everything in her path to fret about a small thing like verbal language. All in due time.

Other than the upcoming addition to the team and Ezri's daily goings-on, things have been proceeding as expected. Mr. Rutgerian and I are both still adjusting to our new jobs, but finding more of a routine as time goes on. We are thoroughly enjoying our new digs on the lake, but find the view of the beach from our living to be more of a tease than anything, as we're still buried in many inches of snow. The old house is STILL on the market - we're hoping that some wealthy benefactor comes along to spare us from the burden of our mortgage. If anyone knows of anyone, please let us know.

Pictures will be coming soon - we finally bought a decent camera and already have boat-loads of photos sitting on our computer, waiting to be shared. All in due time.


Heartsong said...

Yeah!!! I am glad to have you guys back up and running! and glad that the announcement of the homebirth has been made. I am so happy that you are able to have this opportunity. I hope that Matt and I can birth at home if we have a baby!


Heartsong said...

Oh, and i love Oz! Ezri and Oz sound perfect together!

Moxy Jane said...

Good, good news!! Thanks for letting us know and I'm SO excited for your midwife assisted home-birth!!

The Jagielski Family said...

Woo hoo glad you are back!